Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a physical treatment that is typically used in combination with traditional physical therapy techniques. The goal of manual therapy techniques is to improve the range of motion, decrease pain in restricted joints and decrease muscle tension.
The effects of these techniques are most of the times instantly noticeable.
The treatment programs of manual therapy are combined with other therapies like; exercises, dry-needling, massage, learning a more natural movement pattern and posture exercises.

The profession of manual therapist is a science-based specialization for physiotherapists.
During this specialism the therapist receives extra education about the movement patterns of the physical body especially about the spine.

Here a few conditions that can be treated with manual therapy:

  • Neck pain and headaches witch result in poor movement of the spine and/or referred pain tot the arms and hands
  • Lower back pain with or without referred pain tot the legs
  • Thoracic spine pain with or without rib or chest pain
  • Dizziness when moving the neck
  • Joint problems in arms and legs

After an initial screening, the appointment consists of two parts: an interview and a physical examination. In the interview, the manual therapist asks questions about the origin and course of the complaints. This is followed by a physical examination. The mobility of the joints in question is assessed here.

Of course (work) posture and strength / endurance of the body are included in this assessment. This way the cause of the complaints is determined. Together with the patient, it is then discussed whether manual therapy is useful and you will obtain clarity about the follow-up after the first appointment.