The Team

Renate Strijbos

After being graduated as a physiotherapist Renate has successfully passed the Manual therapy course at SOMT in 1995. In 2014 she has completed the Master Manual therapy at SOMT.
From 2001 onwards Renate is co-owner of the Group Practice.

She is also a member of the ‘Shoulder Network Amsterdam’ and the ‘BackPainNetwork’.
Next to the education mentioned above, her interests have developed into communicative and motivational interviewing. For these disciplines she has done various courses.

Renate is passionate about finding a solution to the patient’s request for help. She does this with whole-hearted committment, energy and expertise. She also works a lot with the elderly in the practician or at home. She deals with the physical problems associated with aging and thinks along with you about how you can remain as independent as possible in old age.

BIG nr: 19035135904

Elies Zwager

In 2002 Elies started working in the Group Practice and has become co-owner since 2012. Her specializations are Dry Needling and Manual therapy (Msc. degree at SOMT, 2008). She is a member of the ‘Shoulder network Amsterdam’, TraumaFysioNet (AMC) and the ‘BackPainNetwork’.

Elies has been accredited in the treatment of posture related complaints, rehabilitation after surgery, sports related complaints and many orthopedic disorders and build up a strong track record in these disciplines.

Her treatments are intended to give the patient insight into the causes of the complaints to prevent recurrences in addition to a good recovery.

BIG nr: 99048823104

Steven Bezemer

Steven has been working as a general physiotherapist within our practice since 2021. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and started his master’s degree in manual therapy at the SOMT in Amersfoort in 2020. He is also a member of Network Trauma Rehabilitation.

The patient’s treatment objectives take center stage, where Steven thinks along with his expertise about what is feasible and in what way. Steven is attentive and flexible. In his treatments he uses a mix of hands-on techniques, but he also likes to give good exercises and advice. The exercises he gives for home are practical and customized.

His goal is that you can resume the activities you enjoy most as soon as possible.

BIG nr: 49925769304

Sophie Chavannes

Sophie has been a physical therapist since 2015. In recent years, in addition to the treatment of general musculoskeletal complaints, she has further developed and particularly focused on the treatment of persistent pain complaints, psychosomatic complaints, anxiety and tension complaints and complaints of the pelvic floor (such as, for example, incontinence complaints or pregnancy-related complaints). For this she has followed several courses and trainings.

Her goal in treatment is to discover, together with patients, which factors influence the onset, persistence or recurrence of symptoms and to offer help in influencing these factors in order to promote recovery and restoring contact with one’s own body so that body signals can again be more easily noticed.

She is also currently training to become a haptotherapist. With haptonomy she focuses more on the story behind the origin of the complaint. Physical complaints are often unconsciously an expression of what is going on in the psyche. Awareness of this can make an important contribution to recovery.

BIG nr: 59920479804


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