The physiotherapist in the domain of psychosomatic is specialized in the treatment of complaints that extend to stress and misunderstood complaints.

It is a physical and experience-oriented therapy in which emotional, psychological and social aspects are involved in the treatment.

The psychosomatic physiotherapist works together with other experts such as e.g. the family doctor or specialist / psychologist or company doctor.

Physical complaints:

  • Stress complaints: stiff sore muscles, joint complaints, headache, abdominal pain, back pain.
  • Fatigue and / or sleeping problems.
  • Insufficent medically explicable complaints
  • Hyperventilation, chest, throat and jaw complaints.
  • Chronic illness with complicated acceptance of context.
  • Reduced emotional contact with the body and emotions.

Psychological complaints:

  • Fear and panic.
  • Gloom and mood swings.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Unrest, irritable, tense.
  • Concentration problems.

Work-related complaints:

  • Work stress.
  • Overstrained.
  • Burnout.

Purpose of the therapy:

  • Provide an insight in the occurrence and persistence of physical stress complaints.
  • Restore the balance between tension and relaxation.
  • Improve contact with body and feeling. Learn to feel and handle feelings.
  • Promote confidence in physical functioning, a positive self-image and sense of self.

Therapy forms:

  • Mindfulness (attention training and awareness).
  • Body awareness, relaxation exercises, breathing therapy.
  • Body-oriented mentalizing: learning to dwell on body, inner experiences and thoughts.
  • Bodywork and role-playing.
  • Exposure